Our New Hospital Update - August 2016

Posted on Sunday August 28, 2016
The Maternal and Child Unit is the first clinical unit to be renovated in our existing hospital.
The New Maternal and Child Unit - First Clinical Space to be Renovated 

In June, renovations began for the new Maternal and Child Unit (MACU) located on 2 East. This is the first clinical space that will reflect the look and feel of the finishes inside the patient tower. Upon completion in December 2016, the unit will feature patient rooms with modern three piece washrooms, a new airborne precaution room, medication room, communication station, security system and new wireless technology. Thanks to all patients and visitors for your patience and understanding during construction on this unit.
Virtual Tours of the New Hospital Mock-Up Rooms 

Watch 5 videos showcasing the most exciting features of an Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit Patient Room, Trauma Resuscitation Room, Emergency Exam Room and Inpatient Room. Plus, see our staff demonstrating the functionality of the design elements and technological advancements in each room. 

Patient Tower Construction Update
  • Glass windows have been installed on the new pedestrian bridge. Soon, roofing and duct work will begin and handrails will be installed.
  • The staircase connecting the main lobby to Level 1 has been installed.
  • Two elevators inside the building will be up and running by the end of September.
  • The man and material hoist on the outside of the building will be removed by the end of October and the building envelope will be fully enclosed.        
  • Testing continues for all major equipment in the building including boilers, chillers and air handling units.
  • Installation of drywall continues from the Main Level to Level 7.
  • On the Main Level, ceiling framing has begun and painting continues.
  • Headwall units for patient beds have arrived and are being installed on Level 5. These units will house medical gases and electrical outlets for clinical equipment
  • Power for the building will turn on in late September.

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