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Baby Andie's Story

June 12, 2017 - When Kate and James gave birth to their first child, a daughter named Andie, her delivery was just over three weeks early. With the help of Dr. Baillie and Nurse Amber, Andie's delivery went smoothly and mother and daughter were discharged. Just days later, five-day old Andie was brought to the emergency department and had to be readmitted to Joseph Brant Hospital.

Andie's mom has shared the following messages with our team:

To the emergency department staff, thank you for your gentleness with our daughter, your willingness to listen to a concerned first-time mother who was severely sleep-deprived and your genuine empathy for both Andie and me while she underwent a spinal tap and many pokes and prods for IVs, etc. A special mention to ED Nurse Kathy who brought me tissues for my tears during the spinal tap and even visited us a few days later on the Maternal-Child unit to see how we were.

To the nurses who cared for us day and night during our five-day stay on the unit, you made a scary situation much more tolerable and we are forever grateful for your professionalism, compassion and understanding. The first two days of our stay while my husband travelled home from a business trip were extremely hard for me despite having the support of my parents. Our nurses made me feel much less alone with their kindness. Andie was their patient but they took the time to care for me as well. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your team is outstanding.

To the physicians who saw Andie from the ED through to our discharge, your expertise and thoroughness in assessing our daughter was remarkable. I always felt included in decisions and that I could ask any questions, no matter how silly they might seem. Everything was explained to me clearly, I never felt rushed and I always felt that everything was being done to ensure when we left the hospital we would know as much as possible about what was going on with Andie. Their encouraging words also really helped reinstate my confidence as a new parent, which made all the difference when we returned home.

To the wonderful staff from the lab who had to visit us many times over five days, thank you for being so tender and thoughtful while trying to get blood from Andie's teeny tiny veins. They truly did all they could to make it as painless (for baby and mom!) as possible. I'm sure they often don't get the accolades from patients they absolutely deserve, so I really want to make sure they know that they are very much appreciated.

Andie is now a happy and healthy little girl who will be celebrating her first birthday today.  From the team at Joseph Brant, we couldn't be happier about Andie's recovery. Stories like Andie's are why we do what we do.

Happy 1st Birthday, Andie!

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