JBH Funding Announcement

Posted on Friday March 23, 2018

Today the Honourable Eleanor McMahon, MPP for Burlington visited Joseph Brant Hospital and announced new provincial government funding of $11.2 Million that will be added to Joseph Brant Hospital’s budget for 2018/19.

Please see the media release below for full details of the announcement.

Stronger Hospitals, Better Care for Burlington

Major Joseph Brant Hospital funding Boost Will Reduce Wait Times, Address Capacity Issues and Provide Better Care Closer to Home

 NEWS                                                                                                         March 23, 2018

Ontario is investing an additional $11.19 million in Joseph Brant Hospital. This is part of the province’s commitment to invest an additional $822 million investment in Ontario hospitals in 2018–19 — an increase of 4.6 per cent.

Eleanor McMahon, MPP for Burlington, was at Joseph Brant Hospital today to outline how this major increase in hospital funding will provide better access to care, reduce wait times, address capacity issues and better meet the needs of Burlington’s changing population.

This overall increase of 4.6 per cent across the province is on top of the 3.2 per cent provided last year — allowing hospitals to invest with more precision in the care and supports that address the specific needs of their patients and community.

Patients and families across Ontario will also directly benefit from this increased funding with the expansion of essential services to reduce wait times and priority procedures such as cardiac care, critical care, chemotherapy, treatment for strokes, hip and knee replacements, and medical imaging.

Increasing funding to hospitals and access to high-quality health care across the province is part of the government's plan to support care, create opportunity and make life more affordable during this period of rapid economic change. The plan includes a higher minimum wage and better working conditions, free tuition for hundreds of thousands of students, easier access to affordable child care, and free prescription drugs for everyone under 25, and 65 or over, through the biggest expansion of medicare in a generation.


 “I am proud that our government is continuing to support our local hospital and is increasing its operational funding by $11.19 million to over $143 million. Ontario’s commitment to better care is reflected in its support for Joseph Brant Hospital, its staff, its patients and their families and in enhancing their ability to get the care they need, when and where they need it.”

— Eleanor McMahon, MPP for Burlington

“We are committed to making sure hospitals have the resources and supports they need to meet the needs of growing and aging communities. With this historic investment, publicly funded hospitals can increase capacity, decrease wait times and improve access to care for families across Ontario.”

— Dr. Helena Jaczek, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

"I would like to thank the provincial government for their investment in quality health care. The provincial government’s funding announcement for Ontario hospitals is very positive news for JBH and the entire Burlington community.”

— Eric Vandewall, Joseph Brant Hospital President and CEO

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